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Daiwa Infinity DF 3.25lb

Code: FS-12012
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Price: $542
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  • We have taken the tried and trusted Magnum Taper profile, used for many years by top European carp anglers and given Danny Fairbrass the freedom to design his own specification and finish.
  • The result is a highly distinctive but subtle look using a low glare silk matt finish and selected medium profile, high diameter SiC guides. With a butt guide of 50mm the following intermediates of 38mm and 32mm they are designed to ‘funnel’ the line travel towards the tip. A set up that is preferred by big hitters out there.
  • Delivering Danny’s own look too is the handle combination. Starting with a Fuji reel seat and stainless steel trim rings the handle maintains an elegant feel thanks to the profiled NS grip that continues to the butt. Flared at the end for better gripping this stylised treatment is finished off with a stainless steel butt cap.



  • Designed in conjunction with Danny Fairbrass
  • Infinity Magnum Taper fast action blank
  • Silk matt low glare finish
  • Medium profile, high diameter guide configuration
  • Fuji graphite reel seat
  • Profiled, NS shrink tube handle
  • Stainless steel butt cap and trim rings
  • Custom build finish throughout



  • Test curve: 3.25lb
  • Length: 12ft
  • Weight: 11.3oz
  • Maximum casting weight: 5oz
  • Butt Guide: 50mm
  • Recommended lines: 6-20lb
  • Maximum casting distance: 160yds



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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.