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Century Kompressor WR 300 13.3ft

Code: FS-11889
Manufacturer: Century
Price: $804
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  • This is named after achieving a new UKSF and World Record cast at Huntingdon, England in May 2002 on 150gm (5.25 ozs) weight. The exact distance was 301.43 yards. The first rod ever to cast over 300 yards at UKSF Grand Prix: many had said it could not be done and many had tried for years. Autoclave Technology, Gearbox Design and the remarkable dedication of Danny Moeskops made it possible.
  • Now what’s that all got to do with angling and what benefits does this bring to you? Simple – Century set out to produce a true fishing rod because the style of casting used in the arena of Tournament casting is not that different to practical sea fishing – just add a whole load of practice and dedication. Using heavier lines to combat with tough conditions the Gearbox gives terrific control during the compression stage of the cast and brings feel on the retrieve through dense kelp and over rough ground. The WR 300 is a user friendly, practical sea-angling rod that will lift your aspirations to the highest levels. It will retain its casting and fishing parameters long after others have given up the ghost.
  • Undoubtedly a rod for tough conditions where kelp jungles would overwhelm ordinary rods and leave you wondering exactly what you had lost.


  • Japanese shrink rubber grips at joint
  • Stainless steel trim band at joint
  • Supplied complete wit Century sliding reel seat with integrated Coaster and Century rod case


  • Factory Finish: Titanium K Guides
  • Casting Ratio: 4-8oz (125 – 225gm)
  • Butt Diameter: 1 ” (2.54cm)
  • Length: 13’3” (4.03m)
  • Tip: 85 1/4 ” (2.17m)
  • Butt: 74” (1.87m)

Important Information

  • All our Century rods that are in stock come supplied with the std reel seats and eye patterns that century feel are suitable for these rods. There is optional extras available on most Century rods including different reel seats and sometimes different rod eyes, these are all optional extras at a extra cost to the customer. We can supply these extras which will be fully fitted from Century. These upgrades or different rods are made to order by Century so there will be 3-4 week delay (approx) before the rod is built to your specifications. If you want to place a order for a rod with different specifications or a slightly different rod to the one shown we would be happy to quote you on these so please contact us.

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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.