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Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag-ST

Code: FS-11710
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Price: $663
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  • The intelligent Magnofuge system has proven itself in the hands of thousands of anglers ...literally. But now, it has been refined and improved even further. Working to new tolerances of engineering pushing standards to the extreme, taking individual microns into account! The designers have even challenged the direction in which the spool is machined in order to improve its balance. Within the magnetic control selection we have dared to make the lower end more free; somewhere that only the bravest will go! Key parts of the Magnofuge system have also been changed too refining the magnetic effect on the spools deceleration. And smoothness of all the reels operation hits a new level thanks to 9BB (8CRBB). What we have achieved may only be a few split seconds of improved efficiency and smoothness but it results in a dramatic difference of the conversion of casting power into distance. Quite simply it has been Super Tuned!


  • Improved Magnofuge - intelligent magnetic braking
  • Ultra precision machined spool
  • 9 bearings including 8 CRBBs
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Rigid one-piece dura-aluminium frame
  • Carbon swept handle
  • Daiwa five-point support system and low-frame crossbars
  • High grade brass drive gear
  • Stainless steel pinion gear
  • Smooth and powerful star drag

Model 7HT MagST

  • Ratio 5.8;1
  • Weight 11.5oz
  • Ball Bearings 9 (8CRBB)
  • Line Capacity 300m-15lb



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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.