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Daiwa Freams Reels

Code: FS-12114
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Price: $224
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  • The engineers who worked on and designed this item are sure to proud of themselves as it is magnificent. With a multitude of different technologies combined into one small area, they have created a lightweight & strong item that has a smooth wind with fantastic bearings, plus is highly resistant with its magnetic oil that prevents almost anything from entering the casing, thus the life span, especially when fishing in saltwater, is extended. Steeped in a culture of technical innovation, this year sees this manufacturer release one of its most value-packed light spins with Magseal Technology and the new, intelligent Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD). Already jam-packed with the latest technologies, combined with stylish looks and a contemporary design, the 2015 model delivers on price and delivers on performance to be one of the standouts in the range.


  • Featuring performance-delivering Digigear gear technology ensures ultimate gear precision, smoothness and integrity. The digitally engineered gear design imparts a perfect mesh between ultra-tough alloy drive gears and marine bronze pinion gears, for optimized speed, power, durability and smoothness.

Air Rotor

  • The 2015 model’s utilisation of new design innovations doesn’t end there with the game changing Air Rotor providing enhanced looks, design and performance. Air Rotor is as light as air and as strong as steel, and delivers balance, weightlessness and strength like never seen before for ultimate balance and performance.
  • Lighter, stronger and more balanced and sensitive than any rotor system that’s come before, ‘Air Rotor’ features a Zaion made, precision engineered arch that provides exceptional line roller support and disperses pressure to the lower section of the rotor to reduce stressing and flexing.
  • The hollowed out construction enhances sensitivity and the transmission of vibration, whilst reducing weight, the latter of which improves rotational balance. Its lower centre of gravity and precise centre of axis allows the rotor to spin with perfect balance.

Trouble Free Line Management

  • The ABS spool on the 2015 model provides trouble free casting. The reverse taper of the spool enables greater line control and increased casting distance while minimising unwanted line loops and tangles to ensure optimum casting and line management performance.
  • Twist Buster and Air Bail also work seamlessly together to manage and feed line unencumbered and untangled onto the spool, resulting in increased line pick-up and maximum casting distance.

Automatic Tournament Drag

  • ATD rectifies this issue. ATD works like this, at the beginning of a strike the drag starts smoothly, then increases to its pre-set drag rating in a fraction of a second, thus eliminating line breakage at the strike.


  • Magseal debuted in the 2010 Certate, cementing it as the world’s most advanced spinning item. This technology subsequently flowed on into Saltiga, Caldia and the previous model of Exist and continues to be rolled out into the full spectrum across the range.
  • Given the popularity of saltwater fishing, sealing is a major design goal. No leakage means no corrosion, longer life and better performance. If saltwater penetrates and dries, it crystallizes, and then erodes gears and bearings. In the past waterproof gaskets and “o rings’ prevented water intrusion, but they have the disadvantage of, producing friction and thus winding inertia.
  • In order to increase the durability, they have made waterproofing the structure an absolute priority. Through years of research and development, they found the solution – a membrane of magnetic oil, which shuts out saltwater. By using magnetized oil in conjunction with magnets, the oil attaches itself to the metal surfaces to form a seal. Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction, reduces dust or water intrusion, eliminates oil spray and improves life expectancy.
  • Cutting edge design and performance are all part of the package with the all-new items. By combining ATD and Magseal with other design features like Digigear, ABS Spool, Airbail, Twistbuster and the game changing Zaion Air Rotor we’ve delivered a great valued item with enhanced looks, design and performance.


  • Hard Body® aluminum body
  • Mag Sealed body construction
  • 4 ball bearings
  • Air rotor
  • Digigear II
  • UTD drag system
  • Infinite anti-reverse®
  • Cross wrap line laying system
  • Silent oscillation system
  • Airbail®
  • Twist Buster® II line roller
  • CNC cut aluminum handle
  • ABS aluminum spool
  • Aluminum spare spool
  • Long-life bail spring


  • 2500A: Line Capacity: 190m - 6lb - Weight: 8.5oz - Ratio: 6.0:1 - B/B: 4
  • 2508A: Line Capacity: 200m - 8lb - Weight: 9.5oz - Ratio: 6.0:1 - B/B: 4
  • 3000A: Line Capacity: 220m - 8lb - Weight: 11.1oz - Ratio: 5.6:1 - B/B: 4
  • 4000A: Line Capacity: 270m - 10lb - Weight: 13.8oz - Ratio: 7.7:1 - B/B: 4


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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.