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Drennan Acolyte Carp Pole 13m

Code: FS-11985
Manufacturer: Drennan
Price: $975
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  • The eagerly awaited Acolyte Carp is here! Purpose built for carp and com­mer­cial fish­eries, this state-of-the-art pole has been designed in con­junc­tion with five times World Champion, Alan Scotthorne
  • Although this is a dif­ferent animal to the Acolyte, it is still built on the same high-spec man­drel (so, again, a true 16m length without the need for extra exten­sions), which ensures it is still impress­ively slim with all of the advant­ages that offers.
  • A careful blend of ultra high mod­ulus (UHM) carbon and resins have helped to create a pole that is easy to fish with all day at max­imum length. Although not indes­truct­ible, it is extremely strong and powerful enough for the rigours of catching bags of hard-fighting carp.
  • Importantly, this pole still remains stiff enough to react to bites quickly and per­forms excep­tion­ally well, even with a pole-mounted pot on the end and a short line between the pole tip and float.
  • The strength and rigidity of the Acolyte Carp also lends itself par­tic­u­larly well to ‘slap­ping’ or ‘heli­coptering’ a pole rig – which is a tech­nique often used to catch carp up in the water on commercials.
  • If you select 0 Top Kits then please note that the pole will not come with a holdall or a kit package. It is the pole only.


  • The pole is avail­able in three lengths: 13.0, 14.5 and 16.0m and with an excep­tional spares package available.
  • All Acolyte Carp pole kits also use a new No1 Carp Plus tip sec­tion. This is an upgraded ver­sion of the ori­ginal Carp No1, which was designed for the top-of-the-range Acolyte pole. This gives even greater security espe­cially when using modern puller systems.
  • The pole is ready to fish without cut­ting back should you choose to fit tra­di­tional small-bore PTFE bushes, but we delib­er­ately supply larger dia­meter bushes for use with both light and strong elastics. The smaller PTFE bushes sup­plied only require the tip to be cut back about 10cm. These bushes have an external dia­meter of 4.5mm and a choice of two internal bore dia­meters; 3.2mm for up to Yellow/Pink Carp Bungee and 1.8mm for light solid elastics. The biggest PTFE bushes sup­plied have a 5.4mm external dia­meter which requires only 18-20cm of the tip cut­ting back. Again, there is a choice of two internal bores; 4.1mm for Pink/Red Carp Bungee and 1.8mm for light solids.
  • The advantage of this system is that you can keep your top kits the same length, no matter what dia­meter of elastic is used. A larger dia­meter cup­ping adaptor is also sup­plied so you can also ensure your cup­ping kit is the same chosen length as your top kits.
  • tion of Skid Bungs, EVA nose cones, pole pot, five sets of dif­ferent sized PTFE bushes and a handy Visi Case, per­haps its greatest addi­tional offering is that each top kit comes with factory fitted Side Pull Slots and Drennan’s latest Roller Cone accessories!

SUPPLIED WITH (Apart from the '0 Top Kit Option')

  • 2x revers­ible mini exten­sions
  • Quality Drennan Match Holdall
  • 4x Skid Bungs
  • Polemaster pole pot
  • PTFE bushes
  • EVA nose cones
  • Spare cup­ping kit adaptor
  • Extractor Rod
  • Roller Cones
  • Side Pull Beads
  • Visi Case


  • The white ‘Side Pull Slots’ are made from a super-slick PTFE material. Their elong­ated shape is designed to soften the angle of pull and works more effi­ciently than a simple round hole. When the optional Roller Cone system is fitted, this improves the per­form­ance of the PTFE slot even further.
  • The clever Roller Cone device deserves a spe­cial men­tion, as it has been designed and engin­eered to the highest stand­ards. The cone itself is moulded to fit neatly up against the Side Pull Slot for per­fect align­ment and to main­tain its pos­i­tion inside the pole sec­tion. Its roller wheel is machined so it has an ultra smooth sur­face and is mounted on a mini­ature stain­less steel spindle, which has again been machined in the Drennan engin­eering work­shops. The end result is a quality of build that is ultra smooth, silent and trouble free.


  • 13.0 weighs 895g; Fishable length 12.6m (uncut)








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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.