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Preston Innovations OnBox 360

Code: FS-12201
Manufacturer: Preston Innovations
Price: $411
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  • The all new Preston Innovations On Box 360 is set to take the market by storm. The On Box 360 has been designed to take fishing comfort to a whole new level. The 360 offers the angler a comfortable chair set up that is combined with the adjustable legs of a seatbox. It is ideal for various fishing disaplines and is ideally suited to both feeder and pole fishing. It is supplied with a zip-top side tray.
  • The "revolutionary" new hybrid seatbox - the OnBox 360, is a new fishing station featuring a fully 360 degree rotating seat with cushioned backrest, a wide footprint, extending leg system, and an integral EVA side tray as standard.

    The 360 will allow you to fish from the comfort of a chair whilst maintaining all the functionality of a conventional seatbox. You can still use all the usual OffBox accessories, and store tackle items.

    The innovative concept was initially created with feeder anglers in mind, but extensive testing over the past few months has shown it also appeals to pole anglers, as you can fish out in front or rotate the seat to fish down the edge with ease.

  • Ergonomically-designed, the back rest folds down when not in use plus it is shaped to allow easy casting as well as the shipping back of pole sections.
  • Underneath the seat there is a storage compartment for your tackle. The OnBox is fully compatible with all OnBox and Space Station add-on units, so you can tailor the box to suit your favourite style of fishing.
  • The integral EVA side tray is fully zipped and will accommodate three five-pint bait boxes or tackle accessory boxes. When not in use it fits securely underneath the leg system on two attachment points, which can also be used on the bank for Keepnet connectors and accessory arms.


  • Supplied with a padded carry strap for easy transport from boot to swim.
  • A revolutionary new concept in seatbox technology, featuring a padded, fully-rotating seat with cushioned backrest.
  • No more straining to reach that tricky margin swim or twisting your back uncomfortably in awkward confined pegs.
  • It provides all the comfort of a chair with the functionality of a seatbox and the ability to rotate to any given position. 
  • Lightweight and easy to transport with padded shoulder strap and rigid carry handle, the OnBox 360 is fully compatible with OnBox/Space Station Add-On units.
  • Perfect for float, feeder or pole fishing.
  • Integral EVA Side Tray - Twin knuckled EVA side tray that stows away under the frame for easy transportation (will accommodate 3 x Large 5pt bait tubs)
  • Telescopic Legs – Four independently telescopic legs for optimum positioning on uneven ground
  • Folding Padded Seat – Comfortable, fully rotating and cushioned with retaining strap for storage, seat back folds down for easy transportation and storage.
  • Storage Compartment – Under seat storage compartment that is fully OnBox compatible, with the facility to add more trays if required
  • OffBox Accessory Points – Two location points for attaching OffBox accessories (use for storing EVA Side Tray whilst in transit)
  • Shoulder Strap – Comes complete with adjustable padded shoulder strap and carry handle

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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.