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LED Lenser XEO 19R Headlight

Code: FS-11767
Manufacturer: LED Lenser
Price: $393
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  • This great innovation is the best on the market, using two super bright light cannons it can project up to 2000 lumen up to 300m! Each light can be adjusted independantly too, making it extremely versatile! And the operation? Controlling high-end technology has never been easier. The 5-way switch is fitted with three power levels, an adjustable dimmer and emergency light. And this isn't just a headlamp, it can also be handheld.
  • This pack comes with attachments that allow this to be used as a headlamp, handheld torch, bike light*, helmet light* & emergency light....The choice is yours!!

Speed Focus

  • Speed Focus, the one-hand slide focusing mechanism, is fast, reliable and vastly superior to conventional swivel mechanisms.
  • Adjust the light cone quickly and comfortably with only one hand!


  • Thanks to high-tech microcontrollers, the flashlights of our M series feature individual light programs. In addition, their energy consumption is optimized by intelligent software.

X-LENSE Technology

  • The job of a technological leader is to develop leading technology. If one combines a leading technology with a good portion of fascination, sometimes the outcome is a piece of magic. The X-LENSE technology multiplies the advantages of our Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) and lifts the result into a new and light qualitative dimension. Once again we optimized our lenses, with help of complex computer calculations, in order to receive a cluster of perfectly synchronized beams. The precision and the brightness of not only one, but an almost infinite number of reflector lenses contributes to a sheer unbelievable light experience. The result of a high-grade homogeneous, stage-like floodlight, as well as the sharpest bundled high beam, almost as surprising as it is elegant.


  • Transport Lock - Prevents light accidentally switching on.
  • IPX6 - Superior dust and water protection.
  • Advanced Focus System™ Optics.
  • Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot or flawless flood illumination.
  • Dual focus rechargeable hands-free light with 2 x CREE® LEDs.
  • X Lens Technology™ - two separate reflector lenses with independent focusing.
  • Smart Light Technology™ (SLT) - Boost, Low Power, Power, Opti-Sense™(automatic dim), Strobe, Emergency.
  • Opti-Sense™ Active Light Measurement Technology, automatically adjusts light output to suit surroundings preserving battery life.
  • Thermal Speed Cooling System™ - high speed leads to better LED cooling resulting in a brighter light output.
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery/Power Pack incorporating handy USB port for accessory charging.
  • Lamp head swivels for directional light.
  • Charging status display and low battery warning indicator.
  • Light Output: 2000 Lumens
  • Burn Time: Up To 20 Hours
  • Beam Range: Up To 300 Metres


  • Designation: High End Power LED
  • LED Configuration: 2 x High End Power LED x
  • Luminous flux: MAX 2000 lmMIN 200 lm
  • Beam Distance: MAX 300 mMIN 100 m
  • Burning Life: MAX 4 hMIN 20 h
  • Energy Tank: 32.56 Wh
  • IP protection class: IPX6
  • Head diameter: 38.3 mm
  • Weight (w/o packing): 472 g

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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.