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Raymarine Dragonfly Wi-FiSH Fish Finder

Code: FS-12215
Manufacturer: Raymarine
Price: $320
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  • This is just what the angling world needed - A powerful Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder that can easily attach to your bait boat and be monitered from the bank using your own smartphone! This transforms your smartphone into a powerful CHIRP DownVision sonar with Wi-Fish™. Simply download the free Wi-Fish app and connect using standard Wi-Fi and you will be streaming real time sonar right to your phone or tablet. Connect with the free Wi-Fish mobile app for iOS and Android devices (iOS7 or Android 4.0 min).

The Dragonfly Experience

  • The all-new Dragonfly 4, Dragonfly 5 and Wi-Fish are the next generation of the groundbreaking Dragonfly Sonar/GPS range from Raymarine. The all new Dragonfly product range features Raymarine’s wide spectrum CHIRP sonar technology so fisherman experience unmatched photo-like sonar images of fish and underwater objects and the all-weather, high clarity display ensures easy viewing, vibrant colour and is guaranteed to never fog over. The Dragonfly family starts with the Dragonfly 4 DV Sonar, the world’s first recreational sonar below £200 to use wide spectrum CHIRP sonar imaging technology. The Dragonfly 4 DVS and 5 DVS add conventional CHIRP sonar for targeting fish, or anglers can step up to the Dragonfly 4 PRO and 5 PRO combos for GPS navigation and Wi-Fi streaming to mobile devices. Along with the new Dragonfly 4 and Dragonfly 5, Raymarine is introducing the all new Wi-Fish™ black box wireless sonar with CHIRP DownVision. Using Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app, fisherman can view, pause, and rewind sonar imagery, making it easy to record their favourite fishing spots and share with friends online.
  • A leap into the future of sonar, Dragonfly sonars employ true wide spectrum CHIRP technology. With wide spectrum CHIRP more sonar signals are transmitted into the water, allowing Dragonfly to interpret more detail, target more fish, and image structure with unmatched clarity.

CHIRP Downvision™

  • CHIRP DownVision™ will change your underwater view with incredibly clear, photo-like sonar images. Dragonfly's CHIRP DownVision™ surpasses ordinary imaging sonars with superior deep water performance to 600ft (180m) and reliable bottom tracking.

Connect & Share

  • Dragonfly PRO models feature built-in Wi-Fi. Anglers can stream Dragonfly sonar data right to their smartphone or tablet with the Raymarine Wi-Fish™ mobile app. The Wi-Fish mobile app puts Dragonfly sonar vision right in the palm of your hand, plus you can rewind and capture sonar images to share online with friends.

Mount Anywhere

  • Dragonfly features an innovative ball and socket mounting system that allows mounting in tight spaces. The articulating ball and socket also makes it easy to position Dragonfly for optimum viewing.


  • Pause, zoom, and rewind the sonar right on your phone.
  • Save you favorite catch and share with friends online.
  • Wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision sonar technology for photo-like images, high-speed tracking, and better deep water resolution.
  • Ball and socket tilt mount lets you mount Wi-Fish™ easily on any surface.
  • Includes transom mount CHIRP transducer with temperature sensor.

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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.