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Avid Carp Benchmark Bedchairs MK2

Code: FS-11826
Manufacturer: Avid Carp
Price: $462
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  • Available in two sizes to suit every size of angler.  No other mattress on the market comes close to MEM:X memory foam in terms of comfort and quality, you are guaranteed to get some well deserved restbite with these bedchairs. The Avid Carp Benchmark beds set a new standard in comfort.  It features our new Lumbar Region Support system, underneath a one-piece MEM:x memory foam mattress that is over 5cm thick! Both the Benchmark and Benchmark X feature two reinforced steel Throw-Hinges. This helps offer a totally flat surface, which offers maximum comfort. A strong Security Strap is used to secure the bed in transit and four legs offer eight supporting positions, giving you even weight distribution and a great night’s sleep.


  • Lumbar Region Support System
  • Removable one-piece mEm:x Foam Mattress
  • Easy Lock Adjustable Legs
  • 100% Aluminium Symmetrical Frame Layout
  • Lateral Sleep System Design
  • Rapid Folding Mechanism
  • Easy Open Security Clip and Strap
  • Four Legs for Even Weight Distribution
  • Setting the Benchmark for Comfort


  • Weight (Benchmark): 12kg
  • Weight (Benchmark X): 15kg
  • Dimensions (Benchmark): Width: 85cm, length: 193cm
  • Dimensions (Benchmark X) Width: 98cm, length: 206cm
  • Min height: ~28cm Max height: ~37cm

After the huge success of the previous model, we are proud to announce this brand new model, featuring increased leg lengths for a greater ground clearance so you have more space for your gear.


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Best price policy guaranteed

If you find a better offer in the province, FishingRingtones - Fishing Club will match it.